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your family heirloom

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                the home video project

We think the most important aspect of any family is memories. They fade so quickly, but are the roots of everything we are. We believe this is important. We want to make it easy for you to revisit these memories. 

No VCR's. No videotapes. No fast forwarding. We want to give you a digital footprint of your memories. We want you to be able to open your phone and revisit these memories easily.  This is your family heirloom. 

Home Videos

Memories of our father

"I had the video on repeat all night. The video exceeded all my expectations. Aqueous Films really nailed it with all the emotions and feels, I could never thank them enough. I couldn't think of another way to remember my late father. This memory is on my phone to watch whenever I'm missing him"

Memories of our Nana

"I was shocked when i first watched the video of my nana. It instantly brought me back to her presence. Having her voice in there really got me. The fact that I can watch this whenever I want is truly worth every cent I paid "

Family Heirloom

"It's hard to explain how much this home video means to my family and I. Now I can take a look back at my beautiful childhood memories on my phone. Watching my young parents raise my brother and I is priceless. I'll always cherish it."

Happy Mothers day

"This video was such a beautiful gift from my kids. There are some things that just can't be priced. I constantly think about when my kiddies were toddlers and kids and miss those times. This is just beautiful "


If you're interested in having a video heirloom like this for your family, let us know below! Pricing is usually customized to exactly what you want for your home videos. 

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