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Ben & Dani: The Acre Orlando

February 24th, 2018 my brother Ben got married to the love of his life, Dani.

Ben and Dani shared the same third grade class, but did not meet until middle school. By the time they were in High School they had become best friends. Ben desperately wanted to be more, but Dani, worried about ruining the relationship they had already built, repeatedly turned down his advances. After the third attempt, they shared their first kiss and cultivated a friendship and a love that still remains unmatched.

They survived four years of long distance while attending separate colleges, moving in together, and starting a business. They have endured over the span of seven years because their bond is rooted, not solely on their relationship as significant others, but on their devotion to a partnership and a companionship that will last for decades to come.

Their love radiates out of everything they do; the simplest touch, the smallest look, even their arguments are rooted in a mutual understanding and respect of one another.

The wedding of Ben and Dani was unmistakably theirs. From the natural floral aesthetic to their multi-media integration, this wedding was a beautiful mosaic of their love and life together.

It was intimate, emotional, and absolutely beautiful. Every detail was perfect. Every moment was magic. You could feel the love, like electricity, alive in the air, the joy in every laugh, and the absolute peace in a happiness that fills your heart. Their love is compassionate and hilarious, supportive and never failing.

For the past 7 years, I have watched them grow from awkward friends to devoted partners. Throughout the wedding, the guests were given glimpses into that endearing journey. Their vows touched our hearts though the sheer vulnerability and authenticity of their confessions. Even Ben, who rarely shares his emotions publicly, was overwhelmed with tears by the breathtaking person who stood in front of him and the realization of his best dream coming true.

Their first dance left me speechless. As their song began to play, Ben and Dani were suddenly blanketed with a projected compilation of personal videos the two of them captured over the years. As their silhouettes danced against the wall of memories, the crowd looked on; entranced by the display of vibrant moments of two lives unexpectedly yet perfectly combined.

Sarah Bray Photography

That stunning moment is rivaled only by their reception entertainment. In the months preceding this most perfect day, Ben and Dani began working on a video explaining their story that would pay homage to Comedy Central’s Drunk History television show. The concept was simple, get drunk and share the in depth story of how they got together as someone recorded.

Next, they took that inevitably hilarious dialog and recreated each moment though visual reenactments. Dani’s sister, Briana, and her boyfriend, Mark, volunteered to take on the roles of Ben and Dani acting out and lip-syncing Ben and Dani's every word from the interview. As they had hoped, their Drunk History sent the guests at their wedding into fits of laughter. Each moment was so sweet and genuine that we were all both amused and infatuated with this beautiful ridiculous couple.

Through their vows, first dance, and Drunk History it was impossible for any guest to leave without feeling that they were now somehow a part of Ben and Dani’s story. For years, I have been in awe of the love that they share. Their devotion for one another exceeds everything I have known. No book or movie or song could capture the power of the love Ben and Dani breathe into everything they do. From High School sweethearts to business partners to husband and wife, their love and their journey will always be my favorite story to tell. I love them both dearly and I wish them all the happiness this world has to offer.


Photography - Sarah Bray Photo

Catering - Black Bean Deli

Hair & Makeup - Lauren Reynolds Artistry

Day Of Coordinator - Lauren Tavers

Dessert - Cami Cupcakes

Officiant - Emily Edwards


If you have a wedding coming up, reach out! Let's make your big day as incredible as Ben & Dani's!

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