Ben & Dani: The Acre Orlando

February 24th, 2018 my brother Ben got married to the love of his life, Dani.

Ben and Dani shared the same third grade class, but did not meet until middle school. By the time they were in High School they had become best friends. Ben desperately wanted to be more, but Dani, worried about ruining the relationship they had already built, repeatedly turned down his advances. After the third attempt, they shared their first kiss and cultivated a friendship and a love that still remains unmatched.

They survived four years of long distance while attending separate colleges, moving in together, and starting a business. They have endured over the span of seven years because their bond is rooted, not solely on their relationship as significant others, but on their devotion to a partnership and a companionship that will last for decades to come.

Their love radiates out of everything they do; the simplest touch, the smallest look, even their arguments are rooted in a mutual understanding and respect of one another.