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Deciding on just using a photographer or hiring a videographer to your special day? Well we’re here to share with you six reasons that you might want to check out before the bells toll….

1. While photography from your wedding will always be beautiful, the actual footage of events is what the brain recognizes and remembers better.

2. SOUNDS cannot be captured in a photograph. The “I do’s” and trembling sniffles, the music that everyone danced to at the party. The speeches made, the vows exchanged. For this very reason alone, videography can help you remember these moments with a creative and complete audio and visual collision.

3. You can feel emotion better through film. Whether it is because of the motion, the speed, the music or the editing that lingers in your mind while watching - video is the best way to capture the true essence of emotion on that big day.

4. You might regret not having one. You and your fiance can look back at the captured moments and show your children or friends. While good quality content can be pricey, we truly believe that you wouldn’t regret having the footage for down the road, as opposed to wishing you did if you opted out of video.

5. If you are spending the money for your special day anyway, wouldn’t you want to be able to relive it, cuddled up with your spouse someday years later?

6. On the day of your actual wedding, the day can go by in a fast blaze of events and stimuli. Being able to decompress and watch the events that unfolded and took place can show you what your event looked like through the eyes of a beholder… not just from your own potentially nervous eyes, missing details of beauty your guests couldn’t even fathom.

If you still aren’t convinced, be sure to do your research and ask your married friends if they used one or regretted not having one. Best of luck to you and your loved one on the journey you are to embark! For Florida finances, check out our wedding highlight videos for some inspiration on our website, YouTube and Vimeo.

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