2018 In Review

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

We're 2 months into 2019, but we're still riding high from all of the fun we had in 2018.

Last year we produced some of our best work to date. We had incredible couples to work with, that allowed us to get personal with their wedding films, and exciting documentary projects. It's so hard for us to choose our favorite film from the year, each film holds a special place in our hearts, but some definitely stand out.

Ben + Dani | The Acre Orlando

Ben + Dani's wedding stands out as a milestone for Aqueous Films. Their wedding was so personal, and they were so open to showing their vulnerability with us. Also, it held a deeper meaning to us because, after all, it was Ben + Dani's wedding!

For those of you who don't know, we share a office with Ben & Oxenfree! Ben works as a shooter on most of our weddings, Christian works with Ben on his shoots, and I get to produce for both of their companies. If Ben + Dani's wedding film didn't come out as great as it did, I am very positive Ben would never let Christian live it down.